Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 Ways to Make Preparedness Fun

For families making necessary activities fun makes a huge difference so let's look at some ways to make getting prepared fun.

1. Backyard camping - This is already a popular activity with kids. Camping out in your backyard can teach important skills and just gets kids comfortable with being outside.

2. DIY crafts & supplies - There are plenty DIY projects, crafts and supplies you can make as a family. Getting kids involved in making supplies and doing it together, it will make the whole process fun for everyone.

3. Emergency Food Taste tests - Not all emergency food tastes great but there's plenty that does. Order some samples from different companies and host a family taste test. That way everyone is involved in choosing and knows they'll enjoy their food in an emergency.

4. Cooking & preserving together - Part of your food supply will likely be things you've canned. Get the whole family involved in cooking things to can, this will also teach your children a valuable skill.

5. Learning new skills - Speaking of valuable skills, work on building them together. For instance, hunting, shooting and gardening can all be fun outdoor activities to do together. Also, hiking and other physical activities build strength and keep everyone healthy.

Keep preparedness light and fun when teaching your children. The point isn't to scare everyone but to give your family confidence for any type of emergency.

How does your family have fun and get prepared are the same time?

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