Sunday, June 26, 2016

Getting Started: Peace of Mind

Keeping with my Sunday pattern, let's focus on getting started. Today is simple, you need to define what peace of mind means to you.

When you're getting prepared you're thinking about two phases: before a disaster and after a disaster.

After a disaster is all about surviving and thriving. Before an emergency is all about peace of mind for you and your family.

So, how do you define peace of mind?

Ask these simple questions:

1. Is food and water all you need?

2. Do you need a way to protect yourself and your family?

3. Does your family need an alternative or "bug out" location?

4. How well stocked are your first aid supplies?

5. How will you preserve the things that are important to you? Documents, memories, photographs, heirlooms, etc.

6. Do you have a plan for your pets?

7. Are there any skills that you and your family need to develop?

8. What would make your family's time during an emergency more comfortable?

Outlining exactly what you and your family needs to feel safe and sound during any emergency will help you build a game plan and achievable goals.

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