Thursday, June 23, 2016

Newborn Lessons: Redefining "Prepared"

Everyone tells you life changes when you have your first child. It truly does affect every part of your life so it stands to reason that how you look at being prepared changes.

Before our little girl was born being prepared meant just having what we needed to get by in any situation, some food, a way to protect ourselves, flashlights and matches. But as she was closer and closer to entering our world, our perspectives started to change.

That's what I want to talk about today, perspective.

When you start a family, you get a whole new perspective and just getting by isn't enough anymore. You develop an overwhelming desire to make sure you're doing everything to protect them and provide for them.

Being prepared no longer just applies to an emergency but to everyday life. A trip out of the house can be turned upside down if you're not well prepared before you head out. You have to start thinking 4 or 5 steps ahead if you want everything to go smoothly.

That word, "smoothly", is a bit of a dream. You have the best intentions and even with an extra dose of planning and preparedness, things won't go smoothly. But they will be easier than if you hadn't planned and prepared.

Changing your mindset to preparing for two grown adults to preparing for a family isn't easy and makes you face some harsh realities. For instance, when you look at preparing for a disaster, you no longer think just food and water - you need to make some difficult decisions. Now preparedness includes what happens to our daughter should something happen to us.

Preparedness for a family includes everything from the smallest detail like making sure you have a burp cloth in the right places to what happens to children if the parents are no longer around.

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