Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Baby Has Acid Reflux

As I've mentioned, I was a little bit behind on posting. The biggest reason: our baby has acid reflux.

I thought it was important to share our story because it might save other families some headaches and help them sleep a little bit better.

To start out, you have to understand how our 10 weeks with a newborn have gone so far. First, our little girl is one of the ones with a dairy allergy. This is tough to figure out, dairy is in a lot of food but not necessarily in large quantities so I'd have a little almost everyday and she was super difficult.

Well, one day I was out with my mother-in-law and got some ice cream. That confirmed it, the next 48 hours were pure hell.

So we eliminated dairy from my diet (so tough!) and that led right into the 6-week growth spurt. If you haven't gone through it before, it's almost indescribable. This was followed by a few good days and then back to hell.

We tried everything we could but this baby wouldn't sleep at all, no naps and barely a two hour stretch at a time during the night. The second that swaddle went on, all hell broke loose. This was maddening but it was also a challenge to me. I had to figure out to help my baby and get this whole family some sleep. The only way she would currently sleep is when she finally exhausted herself so much that she had no choice.

I took to Google and BabyCenter, looking for people who had babies who freaked out in the swaddle. And I came across a post, at about 4am, that described exactly what we were going through and they had a diagnosis from their pediatrician and relief.

The symptoms were:

-Freaking out when swaddled
-Bubbles constantly around their mouth
-Coughing or gagging while eating
-Going on and off the breast
-Crying stops when held in the sitting position

Her pediatrician said it was reflux, despite not spitting up a lot. That settled it, I set my alarm for 7am and called our pediatrician the second they opened.

At our appointment the doctor said it was definitely reflux and that this is the time when it's worst. She wanted us to try to different remedies that we had already tried. She was avoiding giving us a prescription but my husband and I knew what needed to happen.

We picked up the liquid Zantac on the way home and it's made a huge difference ever since. She's pleasant during the day, can focus on eating and sleeps for much longer bunches of time at night.

Reflux like that pretty much causes them pain all the time and it wreaks havoc on your whole family. If you can't figure out what's going on, take a minute away from the crying to identify the symptoms. If they match all or some the symptoms above, make an appointment.

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