Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Preparedness Scenario: Hurricane

Believe it or not, we're in hurricane season. I live in the Northwest now but I grew up on the East Coast. I spent most of my life in the heart of hurricane country.

If you're raising your family on the East Coast, hurricanes should definitely be on your reasons to prepare radar.

Hurricanes can bring:

-Power outages
-Lack of access to food & water
-Damage to your home

You can prepare for each of these possible effects with this hurricane preparedness list:

-Alternative power source - Generator and way to start a fire.
-Food - A food supply you can count on when you can't get to the grocery store or it's not open.
-Water - An easy and effective way to filter water in case of contamination
-Cooking method - Again a way to start fire, alternative stove or other way to cook.
-Radio - A radio for regular updates when power and communications are down.
-Safe or protection for valuables - A safe or other water proof way to protect your valuable items and documents.
-Place away from home - A place you plan to go if your home is damaged and you are unable to stay there or your family is evacuated from the area.
-Full gas tank
-First aid kit

Hurricanes of all sizes can cause emergencies but you can easily get ahead of the game before peak season by making sure you have everything on the above list covered.

Do you have a hurricane preparedness story?

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