Saturday, June 4, 2016

Simple Saturdays: 5 Ways You Might Already Be Prepared

I'm going to keep my Saturday posts focused on simple things. Saturday is a time for family so let's not over complicate our weekend lives and take simple, easy steps towards getting prepared and putting family first.

With that in mind, let's look at some ways you might already be prepared. These small things are probably around your house and provide an simple foundation of preparedness.

1. Spare towels/clothes/sheets - Everyone has spare towels, clothes and/or sheets around their house. These can be incredibly useful in countless situations, fabric can be used to clean, in medical emergencies and other applications.

2. Canned foods - It's more than likely that you have a number of canned goods in your pantry. Things you always forget when you cook your regular meals. These might be the items that extend your food supply during an emergency. For instance, if you're snowed in or your are looses power and the grocery stores are closed.

However, keep in mind, these canned good are not a full food preparedness plan. More on that in a later post.

3. Bottled water - Your family might rely on bottled water daily and in an emergency it could come in handy for drinking, cooking and in medical emergencies.

Like canned goods, this is not a full and sustainable solution for water in an emergency.

4. First aid - Are your bathroom cabinets filled with band-aids, rubbing alcohol and other such items? These could be essential in an emergency. Keep them in mind and keep that supply well-stocked.

5. Tool kit - Most homes have a tool kit. This kit can be a huge help in an emergency. Tools like a hammer, screw driver, wrench, etc can have a variety of uses during even the smallest emergency. Make sure you throw a flashlight in there too!

You should take stock of these items  and get a little bit of comfort knowing that these items that you likely have in your home right now could be a big help in an emergency.

Go enjoy your weekend!

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