Friday, June 3, 2016

Sleep Survival

... or lack there of.

Sleep deprived is an understatement when you have a newborn. No one can really prepare you for it and you never believe them when they try to tell about it's severity.

Here are some ideas for surviving with little sleep and getting as much as you can with a newborn.

1. Schedule - Just forget this word exists. We were on a steady 10-11pm to 6-7am sleep schedule. That's gone right out the door. Most recently, for example, our little one has decided 1-1:30am is an appropriate bed time and will sleep until 10-11am. This changes your whole day.

Don't cling to your schedule, accept all of the sleep you can.

2. Get outside - Fresh air and movement can do wonders when you're sleep deprived. Wear the baby, put him or her in their stroller, do whatever is best but get outside. It will help you feel better when you're awake and sleep better when you can sleep.

3. Let It Go - Don't forget you and probably your partner are both sleep deprived. Let things go that might normally get on your nerves. It's not the time to hold stuff against each other or argue. Just remember that you're both running on fumes, take a deep breath and get through it together.

4. Eat & drink - Make sure you eat enough and stay hydrated. And bonus if you can eat and drink things you can enjoy. This all goes a long way towards sleeping better and feeling better when you're awake.

5. It's all normal - I can't tell you how many countless hours we've spent googling things, sharing links with each other and posting on forums. If you're wondering if others have gone through this, the answer is yes. Whatever the sleep issue you're having is, you'll find someone else who's going through it too. These posts are comforting, misery loves company. But don't expect a cure all fix to come out of all of that research.

6. Put the baby down - This is super important for a few reasons. First, they can get overtired, which means they won't sleep. Make your little one nap during the day. Second, when you have some time to do laundry or take a shower or whatever you need to do, it relieves some stress so you can cope with everything better.

This is our first child and we're still battling with newborn/infant sleep patterns or lack of sleep patterns. But I've noticed that these all help us get through this period.

Good luck!

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