Thursday, June 9, 2016

Week 7 Review: Best Product So Far - NuRoo Swaddler

I wanted to give some (un-sponsored) reviews of the products that we've found most helpful so far as new parents.

In this first one, I wanted to review the NuRoo Swaddler.

Here's our little one in this swaddle blanket.

Bottom line is, we love our NuRoo Swaddler. In fact, it was the first product that we looked at each other and said, "We need to buy another one of these".

What I love about it is how easy it makes swaddling. When you have a drowsy newborn who you're trying to get to sleep it can feel like you're diffusing a bomb and the last thing you want is some complicated swaddling process that's going to wake them up.

You need something simple and the NuRoo Swaddler is it. You simply put your baby in the right opening, cross over the left side and cross over the right side, velcroing it tightly. And they are successfully swaddled.

Important tip: make sure you cover the shoulders when you cross over each side.

Honestly, our little girl can still get an arm or even both out of this swaddle BUT she still fully stays asleep if the rest of her is swaddled in her NuRoo.

Overall, this is product is a must have for us. She's nicely swaddled and napping in it as I type this right now.

What's one of your must have products? Have you tried the NuRoo Swaddler?

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