Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5 Family Activities to Do With Kids at Any Age

Time together as a family is something almost everyone craves more of and as we all get busier it's even harder to come by. Here are 5 easy things to do as a family to boost your time together.

1. Farmer's markets - You probably dread grocery shopping and the bill that comes with it. But chances are your city or town has a farmer's market, or at least a neighboring area does. These can be great family activities, there are usually activities for kids and plenty of other families in attendance. Also, you're likely to save some money on your grocery bill by shopping at a farmer's market and you'll find tons of healthy options.

2. Hiking, biking & walking - Get outside, go on a hike, ride a bike or take a walk. We walk at least a few times a week. It lets all of us get outside, is a way to get out any of our stress and even helps us sleep better. Take a camera or your phone with you on these adventures to capture some awesome moments.

3. Cooking - We spend a lot of time together while meals are being made. Admittedly, I lucked out and my husband is an awesome cook but that means the little one and I are usually around the kitchen. It's another perfect TV free time for us to be together.

4. Errands - This mundane, exhausting task can be made better but bringing along the people you love. If you have the luxury, don't rush through your errands. Make them little outings for the whole family, that are relaxed and productive. It turns something you dread into welcomed family time.

5. Pick your own - We have awesome access here to things like apple orchards, blueberries farms, pumpkin patches, etc. You probably have access to some similar things in your area, you just need to do some Googling! These activities can provide some excellent family time and adorable pictures for memories.

This is just a small list of the alternative family time activities that we're already enjoying. I'm looking forward to when the little one is old enough for things like the playground, fair and swimming.

What are some of your favorite family time activities?

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