Sunday, August 28, 2016

Getting Started: Identitfying Your Limitations

Getting back into a rhythm here and back to the Sunday Series - Getting Started.

We'll focus on tips for starting to get prepared for any emergency. Remember, they'll be actionable and practical.

For today, let's discuss identifying your limitations when it comes to preparedness.

Some of common limitations are:

-Family buy-in
-Knowing where to start
-Knowing what to trust

Understanding what you're limitations are will help you build a plan. For instance, if space is a problem look for things that are space-saving. There are companies that make emergency food that can be easy to store. If space is a consideration, also think about how long you need to be prepared for so that you are not storing more than you might need.

If budget is your main limitation then start to make a plan. You can build to suite your budget by outlining what you need and setting aside money to check things off your list. You don't need to get everything at once. Another suggestion is to embrace DIY. You can make things like emergency kits for the car on your own.

Whatever your limitation is, find a way to plan for it or use methods that help you work around it. Just because its a hurdle doesn't mean it has to cancel your preparedness plan.

What are some ways you're overcoming your limitations to preparedness?

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