Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Newborn Lessons: Shifting Priorities

Our life has been in a bit of transition recently (hence the limited posts) but everything has worked out for the best and we're getting a bit of a fresh start. With a fresh start, it's the right time to talk about priorities. 

Six months ago life was pretty simple. We were focused on making and saving money, maintaining our house, selling our house in North Carolina and our dogs.  It seemed like a lot at the time but now we see how simple everything was at that time. In fact, I struggled to even build list that was that long.

When you have a baby priorities shift and it's not a bad thing.

Our priorities are now very concrete. The little one comes first, in a drop-everything-you're-doing-and-pay-attention-to-her-type of way. 

Then taking care of ourselves comes after that because how can we take care of her if we're not 100%. This means a numbers of things, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, sleeping as much as we can, etc. But even more importantly, it means getting rid of those things that cause us stress and unhappiness. We know that our little one will face plenty of challenges, stress and hardships throughout life. But we don't want to pass on our stresses.

This has forced us to make some tough decisions. Things like missing out on things, letting certain relationships go, changing career focuses and many others.

Instead of lamenting the simpler times that are behind us, I like to think about how lucky we are right now.

We have an amazing, healthy and beautiful 4 month old who is usually very happy. We have each other and can enjoy the time we have together. We have the opportunity to have flexible work schedules and still provide more than enough for our family.

And we do all of this in amazing location.

Lastly, we're doing it all with the love and support of each other, our families and our friends.

While it was a simpler time back then, I am more grateful today than I ever have been. Grateful to the ability to set these priorities for my family.

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