Monday, August 29, 2016

September Preview

I wanted to do a little preview of what we'll be talking about in September. Hope you'll join us!

The fall is always an interesting time and this fall won't be any different. With an high-stakes election, weather and a number of other events happening around the world there will be no shortage of things to discuss  next month.

Here's just a little preview:

-Leaving baby for the first time - I'll be leaving my baby girl for overnight for the first time soon, I'm terrified. See how it goes!

-More dinners - There are more recipes coming up for easy dinners.

-Grandparents - We have some important visitors coming in September, I'll talk more about grandparents during their visits!

-Preparedness - We'll talk about water filtration, look at more ways to get started and even at some ways to enjoy yourself during an emergency.

-Apps - Does your family run on certain apps? Our's definitely does, find out what they are!

That's just a little preview of what's coming in September.

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