Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting Started: Making Room

One issue with getting prepared is always having enough room. Supplies can take up a lot of space and that's not something we usually have in spades.

Here are some helpful hints on making room.

1. Use space wisely - Is there extra room under your bed? What about in your closet? Start to look for pockets in your home where there might be extra space, you'll be surprised where you find some room.

2. Think before you buy - Some food and water options are more space friendly than others. Whenever you're buying supplies, consider how you'll store them before you buy.

3. Get organized - You might find that once your house is nicely organized, space will open up. I can't say we've followed this one perfectly but every time we get one more room organized, we find more space for storage.

4. Don't over buy - Think through what you'll really need. Don't over buy on things because everything takes space.

5. Start with essentials - Start with the things you know you'll need. That way you can prioritize what you're storing instead of trying to make space for unnecessary things and running out of room for the essentials.

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