Monday, October 3, 2016

Are Preppers Crazy?

There are so many show, movies and even news stories about "survivalists" or "preppers" today. They're always shown as crazy, unshaven, dirty people hidden away in their bunkers. It begs the question, are preppers crazy?

My answer: yes and no.

I say yes mostly because we're all just a little bit crazy. Right?

But for the most part, no. When I started working at an emergency preparedness company, I was foreign to this concept. I had the same impression that the movies, shows and newscasts give off. But then when I really sat down to think about it, it makes total sense.

In fact, one of my favorite conversations to have a over the last few years is explaining why preparedness makes so much sense.

Let's look at it logically.

There's going to be a storm, a power outage, a gas shortage, an emergency of some kind in your life. You don't need to think on the big scale in order to believe in preparedness. You just need to stop and think in realistic terms.

When you break it down in those terms, does having a plan for food, water and electricity really sound crazy?

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