Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Baby Led Weaning: Week 1

Little one turned 6 months old last Tuesday. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We've happily stayed exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months and now we're introducing Baby Led Weaning.

Baby Led Weaning, like exclusively breastfeeding, isn't for everyone. I knew it was right for our family because my husband and I cook mostly non-processed foods, try to eat a big variety and both work from home. This means we can let LO eat almost everything we're eating and we have the luxury of time.

LO has had a lot of adventures in eating so far this week, here's a recap.

-Apples - Big hit and a snack she can enjoy with mom.

-Pineapple - Messy but also a pretty big hit.

-Sweet potatoes - She's seems like she could take or leave these but the shape and texture are great.

-Chicken - Loved it the first time. We kept it simple with a little bit of cumin, sauteed in a pan.

-Pickles - This one was a shock and the biggest mess. During our normal Sunday football outing, I offered her the pickle from my plate. She LOVED it and kept going back for more. Her and I ended up covered in pickle juice but it was worth it.

Things to expect with Baby Led Weaning:

1. Most people, especially grandparents, won't get it.

2. Don't try solids when they are sleepy or really hungry, it won't work.

3. Diapers change quickly, that's been quite the adventure.

4. Adjusting how and when you eat meals to include a baby who goes to sleep at 6:30 pm is a process.

5. Meal planning is important.

My husband is a fantastic cook and is open to eating just about anything. He's helped me get past most of my pickiness and we're both committed to raising the least picky kids we can. When someone mentioned Baby Led Weaning, we were both excited.

Stay tuned for more Baby Led Weaning adventures with the little one!

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