Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Baby Led Weaning: Week 2

We've just finished week two of baby led weaning. It's still working great for our whole family and I'm excited to see how things progress. As you can see, we've had a lot of variety over the last week (and some pretty adorable pictures!).

Here's what we tried this week:

Peppers - These were a great addition. Any color bell pepper can be cut into the perfect shapes for Little One's hands and they were firm enough to stay together but soft enough for her to "chew" on.

Ground beef - Despite her face in the upper right corner there, this was also a hit. This one is a little bit harder for her to eat. We cooked it without any seasoning in a little patty shape. The thing is, ground beef crumbles easily but she liked to suck on it and we needed to start adding iron to her diet.

Bananas - We haven't quite figured this out yet. Her favorite method seems to be getting some on her bib and sucking on her bib. Every time she picks up a banana, no matter how we cut it, she just squishes it her hands. More experiments with this are coming soon.

Carrots - We didn't quite get the right shape here but she seemed to like the taste and texture.

More pickles - We thought maybe the first time was a fluke so we gave her more pickles at football this Sunday. She went nuts again. She absolutely loves them still. It's so funny because I just started liking pickles this year. That's exactly why we're going with Baby Led Weaning, so she likes almost everything.

We've learned even more lessons this week. Here's a quick run down of some of what we learned during our BLW adventures.

1. Shapes are the most important thing. If she can't grab it in her tiny hands and still get to the food, it won't work. Baby will get mad and frustrated, which is the opposite of what you want during BLW.

2. Food can upset her stomach, which can upset her sleep. We have decided we kind of just need to deal with this one, she's getting enough sleep and the uncomfortable tummy doesn't last long. It seems like she's just getting used to her body digesting something other than breast milk.

3. Patience. We always jump to taking her out of the chair if she loses interest for a second. We're learning to be more patience and let her take her time when exploring new foods.

4. Did I mention in my last post to never try BLW with a tired or hungry baby? Maybe I just need to take my own advice more but this is a key factor for success.

Have you tried Baby Led Weaning? If so, what was your baby's favorite?


  1. My son's favorites were pears and avocados even though they made a giant mess!

    1. Avocados will be making their debut soon. Pears are a good idea, I hate them but hopefully she won't!

  2. BLW is so much fun! I am glad you are having a good experience with it too. Our little guy loves everything.

  3. I'm currently pregnant with my second child. We didn't do baby led weaning with my first, but I'm thinking about it this time. My daughter is a picky eater and I'm hoping to avoid that with my son. Thanks for the tips!

    1. I would definitely recommend it, hope your pregnancy is going smoothly!