Thursday, October 20, 2016

Does Having a Baby End Your Social Life? Tips for Maintaining a Social Life as a New Parent

When you hear where we live, you might not think there's much to do here. But we've found it's quite the opposite. We really enjoy our small town and have found tons of things that we love to do.

Did that all come to an end when we had Little One?

Absolutely not. It might take a little bit more planning, forethought and flexibility but you can have a social life even with a baby. We bring her along every where.

Here are my tips for how to maintain a social life with baby.

1. Be open - Be open to doing different things and trying out new stuff. You might think, there's no way that will be fun if we have a baby with us but give it a try. And try new social activities, like going for walks, going to parks, etc. When I was on maternity leave and before the weather turned here, we took walks almost everyday. It was a great way to get out, be social and include Little One.

2. Plan ahead - Double check your diaper bag, make sure you have a plan for baby's food and bring toys to keep them entertained. A little bit of planning ahead makes any outing easier.

3. Meet other families - No one is more understanding of a fussy, crying or loud kid in a restaurant than another family. Share your outings with other families and it will make a big difference.

4. Remain calm - Your baby will ruin their clothes, poop in the car seat and throw their toys on the ground. We've learned to laugh it off.

5. Earlier & shorter - We try to do everything earlier than we used to and our outings are a bit shorter.

6. Baby wearing - Get yourself a good carrier and wear your baby whenever they'll let you. Little One loves it (if she's fed and not too hot) and it's when I can have the most adult conversations and I have my hands free.

7. Other people - If you live in a smaller town like us, people are very friendly. We are asked questions about Little One all the time. It's just part of the deal and we've met such nice people who were just curious about her. Grandparents are usually the most curious.

How did you maintain your social life with your children?


  1. I love this post. Your social life doesn't have to end after having kids. It does get crazy hard to meet with other people, and I admit sometimes I just wanted to be by myself. But meeting other moms at playgroups or classes and planning mom's night out events saved me from insanity!

  2. Loving your tips! I'm a mom to a 5 month old and I had to learn to adjust my social life around my little one.