Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Weekend To-Do List

We have a busy weekend ahead, part fun and part work. I thought I'd share our weekend to do list, mostly keep us accountable.

- Write thank you notes - This HAS to get done. I'm so far behind on our thank you card for all the gifts we got before and after Little One was born! Side note: Which cards should I use?

- Meal planning - This is a pretty standard weekend to-do. Hoping to try something new from my Pinterest board.

- Grocery shopping - Where there's meal planning, there's grocery shopping. For a small town, we have a lot of grocery stores and they're all pretty great. Plus it's another chance to wear baby girl.

- Harvest Festival - There's a harvest festival for families this weekend. We're excited for families, food trucks and adult beverages. It will be cool but not raining for the first time in forever and we all have flannels ready to go. Look for a post and pictures from this soon!

- Tummy Time - Little One is anxious to crawl so there's lots of tummy time and mat time in our house to help her get there.

- Clean - More specifically, organize the junk and paperwork in our house and get it all put away. And then dust.

- Trim the dogs nails - Our big dog has the longest nails. We've been looking for solutions for his nails and just got a new tool to try out. We'll be trying to cut his nails to more comfortable place this weekend.

- Blogging - And of course, blogging is on my list.

What's on your weekend list?

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