Thursday, November 3, 2016

Little One's 6 Month Doctor's Appointment

It's hard to believe that Little One is 6 months old already, actually she's almost 7 months at this point. And for those of you who have watched your's grow up, you know that doctor's appointments can be stressful.

Little One was always...well, little. But the good news is she's continuing to grow really well. She's now in the 25th percentile for weight and 50th percentile for height. Her head is not little at all, it's actually close to the 90th percentile.

When the doctor says "she looks perfect, everything is great", it is such a big relief. We love our doctor and she's very down to earth, honest and level-headed. As first time parents, hearing that we're doing everything right makes our day.

I also love that she's very clear about our goals for her before the next appointment. This gives us something to look forward to and work on with our girl.

Poor Little One did have to get four shots at this one appointment but it's nothing that nursing and cuddling couldn't fix.

All-in-all it went well, Little One was pretty brave and everything looks great.

My advice for any one heading to one of your child's regular, first year appointment, is:

1. Make a list of your non-urgent questions.

2. Pay attention to the doctor.

3. Ask your doctor for goals for the next appointment.

4. Don't stress out about the shots.

5. Try to both go, if you can.

6. Try to remember and enjoy the moments, they go too fast, just like everything else.

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