Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Ultimate Baby Led Weaning Checklist

As of tomorrow, we'll be a full into the baby led weaning adventure. We're still loving it and are totally committed to it. Little One is has started to really love food, pickles are still her favorite. We've really established our eating routine, are exploring new recipes and are having a lot of fun with the whole process.

I'm excited to share some recipes soon but first, I wanted to share our Ultimate Baby Led Weaning Checklist. These are things that we use and need every day throughout this process.

1. Bibs - And a lot of them. We love these ones that we got from our Amazon registry. They're simple, there are a ton of them and they're easy to wash.

2. Paper towels - There's a lot of mess and a lot of cleaning up, paper towels are essentials.

3. Dogs - Not an essential but they are an important part of our cleaning crew here.

4. Patience - I wish I had a link for you to buy this one but that would be too easy.

5. Baby Led Weaning Cookbook - We use this for everything from how we cut up and serve certain fruits and veggies to our meal planning. There are some great recipes and it also provides a lot of inspiration. Once you start to think and cook like this book, you can figure out how to turn any of your favorites into a baby friendly recipe.

6. Good leftover containers/Tupperware - We tend to chop or cook enough food for several days at a time for Little One. We just store everything and take out pieces or cut off strips at meal time. For instance, there's a container full of sticks of peppers and cucumbers in the fridge right now. Doing this makes it easier and therefore, more likely that we'll get a meal in.

7. Sense of humor - If you don't think that the faces and mess are hysterical during Baby Led Weaning, you're crazy. We crack up all the time.

8. Camera - Speaking of funny faces, baby led weaning provides a lot of memories. Make sure you have your camera or phone ready to capture everything.

9. Good high chair - This is super important. Actually, one of the most important parts of baby led weaning. Ours is the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair, it works really well. 

Bonus tip: Make sure all of the parts are easily washable. I'm not joking about the mess.

10. The internet - In addition to that cookbook, I use Pinterest and Google pretty consistently for Baby Led Weaning planning, tips and ideas. See my Baby Led Weaning Board here.

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