Monday, February 27, 2017

8 Baby Cold Survival Tips

It's time to talk about the dreaded baby cold. The second time we ever went to story time at the local library, Little One came away with a cold. I honestly had no idea what to expect and didn't know that such a small person could produce so much snot.

The cold reared it's ugly head at about 4am on a Friday morning. I could tell the second I heard the cry on the monitored what was happening.

I learned quickly that you feel helpless when your child is sick. They just want you to fix it for them and as a baby, they can't understand why you won't. I don't pretend to have all of the answer but I found the best tips are the ones that help them get more comfortable and get over the cold quicker.

Here are my 8 baby cold survival tips.

1. Lots of baths. Little One took at least two baths everyday. When she woke up in the morning she was so stuffed up she couldn't even really eat. We found that steaming up the bathroom, getting her in the tub and pouring warm water over her head really helped get her unclogged.

2. Use the saline drops and bulb syringe. I wish I had a video of just how much Little One hated these two instruments, she also hates tissues/boogie wipes. But this combination helps so much. The nasal aspirator really helps to clear everything out and the saline drops keeps everything moving. The saline drops were the only "medicine" we ended up using - they're pretty natural and safe so we had no issues with it.

3. Be patient. When you read online that your baby could be sick for 5-10 days, you think there's no way. But Little One cleared up right at the 10 day mark. If it had gone any longer, I probably would have called the pediatrician but really there's nothing they could have done.

4. Make sure you clear their nose before putting them down for a nap or for the night. It makes a huge difference.

5. Don't stray too much from your routine. We're all about our routine, Little One really thrives on it. It was so tempting when she was sick to rock her to sleep or break the routine in our ways. The closer you stick to your routine and schedule, the easier it will be to get back to it after the cold.

That said, you can't deny the baby snuggles when their sick so snuggle on!

6. Be courteous. You can't avoid going to everything but if you're that mom who gets annoyed when sick kids are around your kids, then it's a two way street. We had friends coming over for the Superbowl when Little One was sick. I was very clear with my friend (her son is a week younger than LO) about the situation. They still came over but that way it was their choice and I wasn't forcing my snotty kid on them.

7. Act as a team. Did I mention how much she hated getting her nose de-clogged? Team work was absolutely necessary some times.

8. Offer snuggles. Snuggle as much as possible. Babies can't understand what's going on and they need to be comforted.

Do you have any baby cold survival tips? I'm sure I'll be just as freaked out next time one starts but we learned important lessons with this one.

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