Thursday, March 23, 2017

How to Introduce Water + Munchkin Miracle 360 Training Cup Review

As Little One grew older and we started baby led weaning, I did a lot of reading about when it was time for more than just breast milk. When do you introduce water and what about other liquids.

These's no real clear cut answer and she certainly wasn't interested in water when she first started solids. Water was actually the first thing I saw her grimace at when she tried it. She absolutely hated it.

If you're exclusively breastfeeding or pumping, you might be wondering how to introduce other liquids. Here are my tips:

1. Ask other people. We asked the pediatrician, other moms and I even took to my baby led weaning group on Facebook. Everyone had different answers and everyone's babies responded differently. This helped me realize that she'll figure it out on her own timeline.

2. Keep offering it. Like I said, Little One hated water when she first tried it and really didn't have any interest. But we kept offering and offering until she started to like it.

3. Try different cups and ways of offering it. My husband and I both carry Nalgene bottles around the house as our source of water. They're bright and colorful and Little One has always been fascinated by them. When she wasn't exactly thrilled with water at first, I let her try drinking from my Nalgene. It went absolutely everyone but she loved it. We've now settled on the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup (review below) but we had to get her interested in water before.

4. Keep their size in mind. I always get worried that she hasn't drank enough water but my husband reminds me that she's small and doesn't need to drink too much to be hydrated.

5. Keep nursing. Babies get a lot of their hydration from breast milk so they're usually pretty well hydrated.

6. Always have the cup around. Now when we're playing in her room or other places, I just put the cup on the floor so she can grab when she's thirsty. She's going for it more and more.

Like I mentioned in #3, we tried a few different cups and methods of giving her water. She started out drinking from my Nalgene then a small Nalgene bottle for kids. The issue here in that I always had to hold the bottles and the water always went everywhere.

We've now settled on the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup and here's why.

-Can hold it her self. This helps her gain independence and truly learn how to drink on her own.

-Keeps the water in. This cup is more or less spill proof. When she really throws, a little bit of water can get out but not usually enough to even clean up.

-Easy to transition to regular cup. Since there isn't a spout or straw, she'll be used to drinking water the way she would out of a cup.

-Once they get the hang of it, easy to drink from.

-Dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It comes apart easily and all pieces are dishwasher safe.

We love this cup and did a lot of research to find. It fits well with baby led weaning because the concept is similar. Instead of having to training on a sippy cup and then a real cup, you use this cup and the transition is smoother.

The one caveat I have about this cup is that it does take a little while longer for babies to get. If you stick with it, you child will definitely learn to use it well. Just don't expect it to be immediate. Little One put every part of this cup in her mouth trying to learn to use it at first but after a couple of days, she got the hang of it.

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